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Mission Statement:
I have been in the Plumbing-HVAC industry since I graduated from High School over twenty five years ago. I have been running the family business now for almost thirteen years. The one thing that stands out the most to me is the satisfaction of a job done right.  It may sound cliche' but that is exactly why a customer would call when a problem occurs. At Maloney Plumbing work is done with pride and care and with the attitude that we would want it done that way at our own homes. When we service, repair, install or even consult at times we are always striving for one common goal.

"We Want To Be Your Family Plumber"



At Maloney Plumbing & Heating, Inc. no one knows better how stressful it can be when you are faced with a plumbing or heating job, whether it be big or small, expected or unexpected, that is why we are providing you with some tips to consider when the time comes for you to choose the Plumber that is right for both you and the job.

  • First and foremost always make sure the company that you call is both licensed and insured.   A license will give you assurance that the company has met all state requirements for both training and professionalism.   The Insurance will provide you with a peace of mind that the company will have coverage if   any unforeseen accidents occur while completing the job.

  • The Plumber should provide you with a written estimate and approximate timeline for job completion.   A Professional plumber can provide in the estimate any     replacement parts that may be needed as well as make recommendations for options of parts, fixtures, appliances and repairs.   It is important to note that - an ESTIMATE is just that and is subject to any changes or unforeseen circumstances that can occur while completing the job.   A reputable plumber will forewarn you of any changes that need to be made to the estimate and provide you with a revised estimate at your request.

  • Ask for references.   This is important and any plumber with consistent customer satisfaction should be more than happy to provide you with a list of people and companies they have serviced within recent weeks or months.

  • Make sure the plumber adheres to manufacturer's specifications for his work, especially if the work is under warranty.

  • Do not pay in full until the job is finished.   It is reasonable for a plumber to require a deposit for large jobs, but reserve a percentage of the total cost until the job is completed to your specifications and satisfaction.   When the job is complete your plumber should provide you with a detailed invoice that will help you ensure that you have indeed received what was promised in the estimate.

  • Your plumber should always be prepared.   Most plumbers should have a fully stocked truck with inventory so that small jobs will not go unfinished for need of a part.   Ocassionally a part will need to be retrieved from the shop but for the most part your plumber should be prepared to complete your job within the time they stated in the estimate barring any unforeseen circumstances.

  • Avoid picking a plumber on financial factors alone.   An experienced, trustworthy plumber may cost more but save you time and workmanship.


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